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Tony Kariotis of iamgreece, Director of The Teddy K Classic



Tournament Director, Tony Kariotis (@iamgreece), son of Teddy Kariotis

As tournament director I would like to thank every player, fan, supporter we've had over these first 12 years. Without you, this tournament would not be what it is today.

Here is a little about me:

I have a lot of hobbies and interest. Yes, basketball is one, but it's not everything. I love to travel, I have a huge passion for photography and content creation, specifically of Greece!!

I am the founder of Greece Media. An online platform promoting Greece to the world. It involves traveling all around Greece and documenting it!

If you'd like to follow along my adventures, heres how:

My adventures of Greece can be found on instagram: @iamgreece

You can follow Greece Media at @greece as well.

If you'd like a laugh, I also curated @hooplagreeks as part of Greece Media.

I am the host of the Greece Chats Podcasts by Greece Media. You can find that at​

Thanks for the support and see everyone at the Teddy K Classic!!


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