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Antoni Ioakimidis wins 2022 Teddy Kariotis Scholarship, 7 others to receive micro-scholarship.

Congratulations to Antoni Ioakimidis! Our 2022 Teddy Kariotis, Teddy K Classic scholarship winner!! 🏆

Antoni has been a long time participant of the Teddy K Classic during his years playing GOYA basketball for the St. Athanasius Church in Arlington, MA. We also want to thank the rest of our applicants Stephen Rontiris, Nikolas Tsiantoulis and TJ Dimitriou, Demetri Vamvouklis, Charlie Katsikaris, Zach Vlachos, and our first applicant ever from Brooklyn, New York, Vasili Chasabenis. They will also be receiving a split of the rest of our scholarship proceeds.

We want to also thank everyone who made this possible, our participants, fans and sponsors!!

The Annual Teddy K Classic returns this spring for the 2023 Teddy K Classic Basketball Tournament. Students are encouraged to apply for the 2023 scholarship by clicking here.

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