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We've teamed up with The Hellenic Initiative, the largest Greek Global Diaspora Charity directly helping Greeks in Greece with crisis relief and economic development.

At the 2019 Teddy K Classic, aside from our scholarship funds, we are also raising funds for a special cause called Mazi Gia to Paidi.

This Easter season, The Hellenic Initiative is asking you to join us in supporting Mazi gia to Paidi (Together for Children)
to cover expenses associated with the operation of the “115 25 Counseling Helpline and Counseling Center.”

Please help us raise $10.000 for Mazi Gia To Paidi this Easter

100% of your donation will fund the “115 25 Counseling Helpline and Counseling Center”
which has been operating since 2009 and functions as a counseling, referral, informational, and child abuse reporting service for children, adolescents, parents and educators.

Here are some videos explaining the charity.

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